Vote for Rochefort Océan !

Rochefort Océan, "European Best destination 2020 nominee"

Rochefort Océan is proud to be nominated for the title of "European Best Destination", alongside cities like Paris and Colmar...

Ready to vote from Wednesday 15 January  until Wednesday 5 February 2020  !

Rochefort Océan has the honour of representing the Atlantic coast of France !

It is a very good news for all people who like  that make up  Rochefort Ocean;  Nature,  sea,  slow tourism and  one of the biggest estuaries of Europe : the estuary of the Charente river, protected by  Aix island, and Madame Island and a fortification network including Fort Boyard ! 

Get ready to explore the various trails around the Charente river, a bike-friendly area and cross the river thanks to the last Transporter Bridge in France !  Since July 2019, explore the Arsenal des Mers ,  step into the legend maker  and  experience your own naval adventure !


What's European Best Destination ? 

A european commission located in Brussel, which select the most beautiful places to visit in Europe from 2009. 

Thanks to EDEN - European Destinations of ExcelleNce, Rochefort Océan became one of the selected destination in 2013. 

What is going on ?

Every year there is a vote for 3 weeks - How to support Rochefort Ocean ?

When ?

Vote from wednesday 15 January to wednesday 5 February 2020  !

Where ?

On the website  

They won the previous years : 

  • BUDAPEST in Hungry  in 2019
  •  WROCLAW in Poland in 2018
  • PORTO in Portugal in 2017
  • ZADAR in Croatia in 2016
  • BORDEAUX in France in 2015

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