Free Wi-Fi access

Find the Wi-Fi access points in Rochefort Océan. Access is free at our tourist information offices!

Wi-Fi access in Rochefort Ocean

Tourist Information Offices

As part of the classification CATEGORIE 1, the tourist offices of Rochefort Océan "offers" free access to wi-fi on the various information offices, which you can find HERE.

A computer is also available for a limited period of time of 20 minutes, in order to satisfy a majority of visitors. 

Wi-Fi access in the R'bus network

Stay connected everywhere and at all times with R'Bus.

Since July 2015, public transport offers WiFi free of charge, with a simplified approach, without needing to reconnect ... 


Wi-Fi in shops and public places : an essential customer service

You'll find wi-fi in many place in Rochefort Ocean McDonald, Subway but also most cafes, bars, restaurants now offer access to WiFi.

To find them on Rochefort Ocean, we invite you to consult the different sections where you can "filter" the request "WI-Fi", on the page "Restaurants and cafes", but also the Accommodations, the sites of visits. ..the libraries ...

Co-working space in Rochefort

A space dedicated to work

In this digital age, many people are looking for "connected" offices where it is possible to meet, exchange and organize a professional appointment where the internet connection allows to work under the best conditions.

It is in the Multimedia Village, at 10 Rue du Docteur Peltier in Rochefort, that the "Espace de Co-working" has taken up residence. Close to the city center, you'll find a large free carpark, quiet, secure, a real working environment.

This project, led by the Community of Agglomeration Rochefort Océan, offers different spaces: a lounge area, closed or semi-open work spaces, a meeting room that can accommodate up to 10 -12 people.

The pricing applied allows access as a subscriber or not, then depending on the occupied spaces, hourly or half-day rates.

Contact : 05 46 88 71 39 - Email :


Territorial WiFi, a new project?

The deployment of a territorial WIFI is a true digital development project. The agglomeration of Rochefort Océan wants to make Wi-Fi available on the whole territory in order to allow the tourist and local clientele to stay connected.

The choice of the municipality has moved towards the WifiLib solution, which today answers one of the most important areas of coverage in France.

How does it work?


Once registered, you automatically benefit from WifiLib in all the areas covered by the network, without any other manipulation (no need for wifi code).

Where are the spots?

  • On the carpark Roy Bry to cover the area of the cinema, the Tourist Office and Avenue Sadi Carnot
  • Place Colbert
  • Porte de l'Arsenal, next to the frigate Hermione
  • The Corderie Royale
  • At the foot of the Transporter Bridge 

If this network meets the expectations of inhabitants and visitors, we imagine a "territorial" deployment for the communes of Fouras-les-Bais, Aix Island, Port-des-Barques in 2018.