Fort Boyard, the legendary stone vessel in Rochefort Ocean

The best panorama of the famous Fort Boyard is in Fouras-les-Bains. Come and discover this “Fort de l'Inutile", that is to say, a useless fort !

Before you ask yourself the question: yes, it is indeed the same Fort Boyard, that you see in the famous television game that we have all known in France for over 30 years !

The emblematic fort of Charente-Maritime is located at the heart of Rochefort Ocean, the Land of Fort Boyard. Like the teams of the TV game, take the sea at the Pointe de la Fumée and approach the fort, built just a few yards away from the peninsula of Fouras-les-Bains and Ile d'Aix.

Cruise around this stone ship, which is not opened for sightseeing.

Why "Fort de l'Inutile" ? Built in several stages from 1804 to 1866, the Fort Boyard was caught up by the progress of artillery and by the time it was finally done, it was useless for the navy !  Hence its nickname of "Fort useless"...