The estuary of the Charente river

Part of the Grand Site of France

Explore the Grand Site of the "Estuary of the Charente river - Naval Dockyard of Rochefort" and discover its natural heritage.

The Charente river and its estuary have always been a space for development and exchanges. History has shaped the landscapes of the marshes at the Naval Dockyard of Rochefort.
  For several decades, the Rochefort Ocean territory has been committed to protecting its natural spaces and safeguarding its built heritage. 

The natural heritage and exceptional landscapes of Rochefort Ocean


In 2020, all the actions carried out and the projects underway to become a registered site were rewarded by obtaining the Grand Site de France label "Estuary of the Charente river - Naval Dockyard of Rochefort".

Enjoy a Grand Site de France experience on foot, by bike, by kayak… explore its natural, historical and cultural heritage.
Approach the Charente river, this “quiet river” which ends its course between Fouras-les-Bains and Port-des-Barques, cross the marshes which change with the seasons and try a “Nature getaway without a car”.

Discover the LANDSCAPES of the Grand Site de France, available free of charge at the Tourist Office of Rochefort Ocean and make this environment your own in a sustainable way to protect this heritage. 

What does it take to become a "Grand Site de France" in 2020 ? 

Becoming a "Grand Site de France" means respecting many values and expectations, such as:

• authentic and exceptional landscapes
• preserving the spirit of the place
• welcoming and sharing with visitors the heritage
• site enhancement
• being a meeting place, and encouraging economic and sustainable local development

By meeting all theses great expectations, the Ministry of Ecological Transition has awarded Rochefort Ocean the title 21st Grand Site de France "Estuary of the Charente river - Naval Dockyard of Rochefort" for 6 years