Nature Reserves of Rochefort Ocean

The Nature Reserve of Yves and of Moëze : protected areas of the Pôle Nature network

Dive into the Nature of Rochefort Ocean

A territory where water merges with the earth, dozens of birds that fly over your head, a wild and preserved environment for lovers of nature.

At the heart of this mosaic of landscapes, between marshes and reed beds, wet meadows and dry dunes, you will be the hosts of a world that evolves with serenity.

It is not a coincidence that the League for the Protection of Birds and the Conservatoire du Littoral ( Coastal protection agency ) have taken up residence in Rochefort. On the Place Colbert, the LPO (association for the protection of birds) opens its Espace Nature to you, a shop and information center on nature and the environment.

Visit the Nature Reserve of Moëze-Oléron

Located on the western part of the Marsh of Brouage, on a polder, the Nature Reserve of Moëze and its wet meadows, ancient salt marshes and lagoons - offer varied reception conditions for water birds . For breeding, wintering or just passing by, more than 300 species come to the nature reserve. Throughout the year, this reserve is a favorite pitstop for water birds, which travel thousands of kilometers each year, and find here, abundant food and a preserved shelter.

Accessible to all, the museum area of the reserve informs you and makes you aware of the protected areas of the Nature Poles and their missions.

You have access to the four interpretive trails of the reserve, on foot or even by bike for one of them. Don't forget to pick up the topo-guide for these trails at the Centre of the Nature Reserve and don't hesitate to ask for the “Perfect Little Explorer” kit for children !

Visit the Nature Reserve of Yves's marsh

Managed by the League for the Protection of Birds, the Nature Reserve of Yves's marsh  is a combination of ecosystems - mudflats, dunes and lagoons, marshes and reed beds, wet meadows... It attracts a multitude of animal and plant species. Geese, ducks, herons, small waders of the shores, gentians, butterflies, dragonflies succeed each other over the seasons.

Observe the rare flora and fauna, which the Nature Reserve of Yves makes their mission to protect throughout the year. To do this, we must safeguard their living environment which extends over 200 ha of marshes, dunes ... which are home to a wide variety of plant and animal species !