Fouras-les-Bains, seaside resort with a view on the Fort Boyard

Spend your holidays at the seaside in Fouras-les-Bains, nautical paradise, 20 minutes away by boat from Ile d'Aix and Fort Boyard !

Take a dip in the sea, cruise to the Aix Island, visit the Fort Enet ... your holiday is all planned out !

Authentic and family-oriented seaside destination

Fouras is the perfect seaside destination for your family vacation.

Back in Fouras, spend an evening at the casino's machines and cinema, ride your bike along the coastline and taste the speciality of the peninsula : oysters...

Climb at the top of the Fort Vauban to see a breathtaking view over the estuary and the Madame, Oléron and Aix Islands, learn to sail and don't forget to take a selfie with the Fort Boyard which you can clearly see from the Grande Plage... Ah the seaside spirit !

From the Pointe-de-la-Fumée, take the ferry for a stopover on the Aix Island, one of the smallest islands of Charente-Maritime. On your way there, you’ll even cross roads with the famous Fort Boyard.


The 5 beaches of Fouras-les-Bains

What is exceptional in Fouras-les-Bains is that no matter where you are, any beach you decide to go, you will never have the same view and you will not do the same thing depending on the beach you choose. 

Bathe in the seawater reservoir of the Grande Plage facing the Fort Boyard, sit on the shaded benches of the South Beach and admire the view of Ile Madame, play volleyball on the North Beach facing the bay of Yves, collect shells on the Beach of the Esperance, fish on foot at the “Plage de la Vierge” with a view on the Fort Enet in the distance ... To each beach its own activity !


A décor of “Grand Site” opposite the Fort Boyard

This wooded peninsula with large seaside villas offers the most exceptional panorama on the islands of Charente-Maritime.

It is also on the Aix Island and in Fouras-les-Bains, that you will have the best view on the famous Fort Boyard ! Approach the most famous of the forts by boat, leaving from the Pointe-de-la-Fumée of the peninsula.

In Fouras-les-Bains, you will taste the "maritime atmosphere". Walk or bike through its marshes inhabited by swans, gray herons and you can even enjoy a kayak getaway to discover our “Grand Site”.


Did you know … ?

For a long time, Fouras-les-Bains has been the home of oyster culture and mussel culture. It is the first national center for oyster spat collection.

Did you know that the two main factors for this are: the freshwater supply of the Charente river and the temperature of the sea ... during the breeding season, in July, it must reach a minimum of 21°C !

In July-August, on the Pointe de la Fumée, observe the rows of collectors, coming from Brittany, Normandy, Vendée ... to collect the precious oyster spat.