Family friendly, all year round

Fouras-les-Bains, dynamic and festive seaside resort, unveils its charms all four seasons !

Life all year round in Fouras-les-Bains

Let yourself be seduced by the peninsula of Fouras, stuck between the Charente river and the Atlantic Ocean, the originality of the seaside villas, the many point of views on the Fort Boyard, the islands of Aix and Madame. The landscapes are constantly renewed throughout the seasons, to the rythm of the tides.

Fouras is ideal for lovers of hiking or cycling, kayaking or sailing. Nordic walking, running, kayaking club, sailing school ... to each his activity.

Stroll on the south coast and follow the course of the sunset, during winter, it lies just behind the  Madame Island, in early summer you’ll find the sun setting on Aix Island and in late summer, watch the sun set on the famous Fort Boyard from the « Grande Plage ».

And when the beautiful days, full of sun are there, go to the Pointe de la Fumée for a fishing trip on foot or discover the work of oyster farmers.


The Fouras peninsula, a friendly place to live

In Fouras-les-Bains, the market is held every day at the heart of the pedestrian street. For you it will be the opportunity to taste seasonal products, to discover the fishing of the day and to meet with friends around a coffee, rue de la halle and in fine weather, enjoy the rays of the sun and the bustle of the street.

In the spring, concerts and entertainment are also on the street, on the beaches, on the sea front and if you want to go out, go to the Casino open all year round !