The Hermione, the frigate of freedom

Join the frigate Hermione in its human and maritime adventure. Follow its travels and visit the frigate in the Naval Dockyard of Rochefort.

Rochefort, home port of the frigate Hermione

The construction of a replica of the frigate Hermione was first and foremost an exceptional challenge that lasted 20 years. The reconstruction of this 18th century Royal frigate has captivated a loyal public that has followed its adventures throughout the years. 

Now fully completed, you can visit this incredible frigate at the Arsenal des Mers, in Rochefort, cradle and home port of the frigate Hermione.

In 2015, young novice sailors braved the second challenge, under the command of Yann Cariou : to navigate accross the ocean this puzzle of 400 000 pieces of wood, carried by 2 200m2 of sails ! These 21st century sailors (gabiers in french),  tell with passion and emotion their Transatlantic journey in the footsteps of La Fayette and the moving encounters of the stopovers on the American east coast.

In 2018, the frigate Hermione once again sailed away from Rochefort, for another expedition. This time, the frigate was sailing forwards the Mediterranean Sea. 120 days, 350 seamen ready to take the sea... 100 of them were even trained to sail in Rochefort with the partnermanship of the International Organisation of Francophonie. 

In 2019, the frigate sailed along the coasts of Brittany and Normandy and participated in the Armada of Rouen. While waiting for a next trip, the Hermione has returned to Rochefort, its home port, on July 5, 2019.

2020 and 1st half of 2021: the frigate Hermione remains all year round in its home port, Rochefort, and offers adapted tours while controlling the number of visitors on site.

2nd half of 2021 and 1st half of 2022 : The Hermione calls at Bayonne! The ship will remain in dry dock in the port for a minimum of 6 months for repair work. Visits are organised during this period.

After all these excursions, it is now your turn to embark aboard this mythical ship in Rochefort. The cracking of wood will tell you all about the travels and history of the frigate Hermione.
Live the Maritime Adventure in Rochefort with the Arsenal des Mers ! The day or multi day pass gives you acces to the Frigate Hermione, the Corderie Royale and the National Marine Museum.