Visit the frigate Hermione in Rochefort

Imagine yourself a sailor of the mythical Hermione for the time of a visit at the heart of an exceptional heritage site ... Welcome aboard !

Arsenal des Mers : Visit without booking

You want to discover the Hermione's replica at your own pace? Go for the free course.

Wander around a museum space punctuated with panels, videos, photos ... Welcome in the fabulous history of the shipyard and the navigation of the frigate!

Then, you will have access to the two decks of the ship : the upper deck dedicated to maneuvers as well as the battery deck dedicated to the artillery and the meals of the sailors.

You've got questions ? A crew member will be happy to answer!


Guided tour and visits

You wish to know everything or almost everything about the Hermione? The "Visite du Matelot" is made for you.

For 1h15, explore the entire interior of the frigate and travel with a gabier who tells you about his experience of the American journey in 2015.

The evening of the gabier

The “Soirée du gabier” is a friendly moment with crew members of the frigate during an evening...

At nightfall, your immersion will be total ! After a visit of the boat, take a seat and share a priviledge moment  with the sailors for a meal!

Book your tickets at the Tourist Office Rochefort Ocean.