Visit the frigate Hermione in Rochefort

Imagine yourself a sailor of the mythical Hermione for the time of a visit at the heart of an exceptional heritage site ... Welcome aboard !

When you come to Rochefort, you must go and greet the beautiful frigate Hermione. You can see its 3 high masts peeking behind the gate of the dockyard. This is where you will discover the life of sailors.

GOOD TO KNOW : The frigate Hermione is part of the Arsenal des Mers ! To visit the frigate, buy the Pass that also gives you access to the Corderie Royale and the Nationale Marine Museum. To save time and money, get the multi day Pass for the price of the day Pass at the Tourist Office of Rochefort Ocean.


Visit the frigate Hermione and its maintenance shipyard in Rochefort

Your visit begins with the discovery of the history of the Hermione and its travels in the 18th and 21st centuries, discover the crew of the frigate and their living conditions on board and of course, learn more about the construction of the replica of the Frigate of Freedom.

Follow the path and discover the “Atelier de la voilerie” where Anne and Aurelien, the sail masters, work by hand on the 18 sails of the ship. Discover the forge and its blacksmiths, Aurélien and Benoît, the “Clinique des poulies” - the pulley workshop and the riggers workshop.

Once on the dock, it's time to board the Hermione: visit the Pont de Gaillard (the upper deck) and the Pont de Batterie (the gun deck). Go down to the Officers' Quarter and visit the Commander's room !

Visiting the frigate Hermione also means visiting a maintenance site, which operates every day of the week. The work never ends on this incredible ship. During your visit, you will meet the frigate's “gabiers” (the sailors) : Téva, Nicholas, Amandine..., its craftsmen who work on the sails, on the pulleys, the decks, the rigging ... Do not hesitate to ask them questions ! 


Guided tours and visits of the frigate Hermione

There are two types of guided visits for the frigate : 

• La Visite du Gabier (1h30) :  One of the sailors will share with you the everyday life of the sailors on the frigate Hermione. You will also discover the living quarters of the crew members, only accessible during guided visits.

• La Visite du Bosco (1h30) :   With the boatswain, a professional sailor, you will discover all the technical aspects of the frigate and will have access to the ship's hold, exclusively accessible during guided visits.

To comply with health regulations, the guided tours are assured while maintaining social distancing rules.

To facilitate the visit (depending on reception capacities at the time), we will set up tickets per site, available at the ticket office on the day of the visit, in addition to the Arsenal des Mers Pass.