Thermal Bath Spa

6th Thermal bath town in France

Rochefort, is the most important thermal health centre of the West of France. Treat yourself to a spa therapy !

Rochefort is the mot important thermal healt centre in the West of France. It offers treatment for people aged 3 months old to 99 years old !

Rochefort's thermal water takes care of your health 

The baths of Rochefort take their thermal water from the river Charente. This water, rich in fluvio-maritime sediments, combined with the hot waters of the source in Rochefort gives this unique thermal water major remedial virtues. 

You'll find that the sulfur water of Rochefort is one of the most mineralized water there is ad it is also very rich in micro-nutrients, so drinking some of it everyday completes your treatment.

• In Phlebology : the thermal water has an anti-inflammatory, anti-exudative and healing effect. 

• In Rheumatology : you will  feel healing effects whether it is degenerative, inflammatory, juxta-articular or post-surgery. 

• In Dermatology : it has healing vitues for the most sensitive skins. 


Preventive treatment in Rochefort

You can choose to receive spa treatment for only a couple of days before opting for a full 18 days medical treatment. This option is not reimbursed by the Social Insurance, but a medical certificate of less than 3 months is still required. 

This is a preventive approach opened to people who cannot or do not want to stay 3 consecutive weeks for a treatment. It is another way to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of the thermal water in Rochefort. 

Book your treatment

A spa treatment is a "medical" act: your doctor's prescription and treatment sheet are the 2 documents required for a spa treatment. 

- Check the medical prescription, duly filled in with your doctor, specifying what pathology (phlebology, rheumatology, dermatology ...); then send it to your health insurance fund to obtain the agreement (do not forget to indicate your "resources", which make it possible to study your rights).

- Approval of the treatment: the duration is limited ... Be vigilant on the dates of validity. As a reminder, a single spa treatment per year will be granted for a period of 18 days.

You can then book your treatment with the Thermal Baths of Rochefort.

Before starting your treatment, make an appointment with your "spa" doctor who will decide on your treatments during your stay according to your needs.

Here is a list of the documents to bring with you:

  • Agreement of your insurance fund for the cost of the treatment
  • Vitale Card / Social Security Certificate
  • Thermal Reservation Confirmation
  • Medical file (exams, letter from your physician ...)
  • Your accommodation record

To note :

- The search for accommodation is also to be anticipated: when you have your dates, find your accomodation HERE.