Fishing on foot, shrimp fishing contest at the ecomuseum, fishing in ponds... Fishing in Rochefort Ocean is an essential.

A few tips for fishing on foot

During the great tides, the sea goes back a couple of hundreds meters away and lets on display large flat and rocky areas very appreciated by fishermen on foot : the foreshore. 

Fishing on foot, at the rhythm of the tide

Do you know what the "foreshore" means? It is the part of the shoreline which is covered by the sea and then uncovered at the mercy of the tides and which shelters the most prolific fauna and flora... 

With boots or old sneakers, a basket, a landing net, respectfully dig around the foreshore and find shells, mussels, oysters (outside the parks), shrimps...

Foot fishing is allowed at :

  • the Pointe de la Fumée in Fouras-les-Bains
  • at the Jamblet in Aix Island
  • at the Verger, the Pallesand the Toureau on Madame Island
WARNING ! Check the official decrees, regarding the fishing season: from sunrise to sunset, more than 25 m from the concessions of marine crops.
The maximum quantity of fishing is fixed at 5 kg per fisherman per day, all species of shellfish combined with a minimum size to respect.
Thank you for respecting the coastline especially by carefully putting back in place the stones that you will have moved around.

Fishing huts on the Charente river

Many wooden huts run along the Estuary of the Charente river, they are colored, more or less small ... accessible by a pontoon: these are named "carrelets" ! 

These fishing huts are a part of the landscape of Rochefort Ocean, we are proud to have them everywhere: along the river in Tonnay-Charente, on the peninsulas of Port-des-Barques and Fouras-les-Bains, the islands of Aix and Madame. 

Not only is it a way to bring back pounds of fish, it is also a quiet and unusual place to enjoy the beauty of the scenery, wildlife and flora. 

The technique to fish in these fishing huts consists of putting a bait in the center of the square net (hence the name "plaice"), then when the net is submerged, it is raised (preferably at tide) and there you have you fish !

Best places to see them  :
Along the Charente river, while walking along the trails. 
North of Fouras
Piédemont in Port-des-Barques
Madame Island