St Jean d’Angle, the medieval village

Visit the fortified castle, heritage from the Middle Ages and winner of the Grand Prix "Charente-Maritime, my preference" !

Medieval village in the middle of the salt marshes of Rochefort Ocean

In medieval times, salt was considered as white gold. It was the only way to conserve food like meat, fish... for a long time.

Do you know that all northern Europe came on the territory of Saintonge for this precious good and that is what made the wealth of Lord Lusignan, famous builder of the castle of St Jean d'Angle In the middle of the marshes.

Do not wait anymore, the lord of the place is ready to make you discover this gem.  

The story of the fortified castle of  St Jean d’Angle

Imagine this castle, not far away from the port of Brouage, whose construction began in 1180 to ensure the protection of the salt marshes...

With its 20-meter-high walls and its construction in an Shell-keep style, unique in France at the time, Lord Lusignan offers himself an unobstructed view of an ocean of marshes!

Do you know the fairy Mélusine, spirit of fresh water and protector of St Jean d'Angle, who allowed the castle to resist 16 sieges. Look out for its engraving on the walls of the castle!

Travel to the Middle Ages at the fortified castle of Lord Lusignan

Go to the conquest of the castle of St Jean d'Angle, for an immersion in the 12th century.

As soon as you arrive, the whole family puts on the knight's or princess's clothes and discovers the medieval military camp, the vegetable garden of yesteryear and the animals in the yard.

Passing the swing bridge from the entrance of the castle, you enter the Medieval period, the architecture of the castle protects you in case of a sudden siege!

Even more exceptional, initiate yourself to the throwing of stones with the last catapults in operation in Charente-Maritime!

Things to do

With your family, you can picnic in some areas of the land of the castle. If you have not planned anything, packed lunches are on sale.