The Arsenal des Mers

Step into the legend maker ! It is here, in Rochefort, that your maritime adventure begins.

Head to the Arsenal des Mers in Rochefort to experience your own maritime adventure ! Step into the shoes of an engineer, sailor, captain or inventor on your extraordinary expedition !

The Arsenal des Mers :  several exceptional sites to visit

The Corderie Royale, the National Marine Museum, the Accro-mâts and the Fabrique de l'Arsenal : "YOUR MARITIME ADVENTURE begins HERE" !

Cradle of the frigate Hermione and the Naval Dockyard desired by Louis XIV, Rochefort invites you on an extraordinary expedition. The Arsenal des Mers site has been deploying a whole new tourist offer in partnership with the remarkable sites of the dockyard.

An exceptional heritage of over 350 years, this place is a must-see in the Rochefort Ocean destination. It offers an experience not to be missed under any circumstances.

 An immersive maritime experience

The 4 sites offer an immersive experience in the maritime world : guided tours and workshops are available for each site. 

You must visit the National Marine Museum to understand the history of the dockyard in Rochefort ; the Corderie Royale reveals the secrets of ropes and marine knots ; the Fabrique de l'Arsenal will allows you to :
- discover and test eight techniques to see without being spotted and to communicate without being deciphered with the periscope !
- visit exhibitions about the rebuilding of the frigate Hermione and the navy know-how
- visit the boat "Noé", former Faroese fishing vessel (to be confirmed)

On the banks of the Charente, the Arsenal des Mers is also a nod to the river and its estuary, recalling the importance of the Navy, of the maritime world anchored in Rochefort ; this dockyard has always been intended to open itself towards the sea, travel, expeditions...


BUY your  ticket through the Rochefort Océan Tourist Office.
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"Mondays of Arsenal" in summertime

Every Monday, in July and August , the evenings come alive in the dockyard : take part in the many shows : Concerts, story telling, outdoor cinema, escape game... This summer, you know where to go on Monday evenings !

NEW ! Since last year, Oceana Lumina, the nocturnal show in the Naval Dockyard, combining lighting, soundscapes, music, video and special effects ... a unique show in Nouvelle-Aquitaine.