Nature outings in Rochefort Ocean

Enjoy your nature outings! Breathe in clean, iodized air and observe the fauna and flora of Rochefort Ocean...

Botanical outings: discovery of plants in Rochefort Ocean

Between land and sea, the marshes and islands of Rochefort Ocean, are the home to an impressive ecosystems!

Follow Anne Richard, a nature-loving botanist, for hikes in the marshes, forests, on the islands and on the coast of Rochefort Ocean. With her, discover the botanical treasures hidden in these places, observe the plants and get to know which ones you can eat !

All year round, take part in botanical outings on Madame Island, in Fouras-les-Bains ... to know everything about edible plants, from their preparation to their tasting!

Walks and bicycle rides in the marshes

Put on your walking shoes, take out your bikes and head towards the marshes of Rochefort Ocean.

Meet the migratory birds with the League for the Protection of Birds which invites you to wander through the Rochefort marshes, a special place for fauna and flora! Learn all about the marshes on one of the many guided tours led by Espace Nature guides.

Take advantage of the knowledge of Karine, a guide and technical warden at the Yves marsh nature reserve, or Nathalie, head of activities at the Moëze national nature reserve: they'll explain the species, migrations, management of the areas ...

Fabienne Plissonneau, a nature guide, takes you to the homes of the fauna and flora species of the marshes around Tonnay-Charente. On foot, discover the herons, the ponds or at sunset discover the  or the wonderful sight of the setting down of egrets.  

In the reserve in Breuil-Magné,  at the Cabane de Moins, stroll through this area made of ponds and wet meadows and set out to discover wildlife.

Rocheforts' lagooning station, welfare stop for birds and for you

Continue your nature outings with Rocheforts' Lagooning Station, a unique site in Europe.

In addition to being an environmentally friendly wastewater treatment facility in Rochefort, the resort is a welcoming place for thousands of waterbirds. Ducks, waders, grebes, passerines ... gather in the lagoons and spaces developed for migratory birds.

Just a stone's throw from the Charente and the Transporter Bridge, follow Christophe, the nature animator, guardian of this remarkable site of 70 acres, which offers guided tours and themed excursions on foot, by bike or kayak to observe the birds which populate this environment !