Cruise around the Fort Boyard

Embark on a boat from Rochefort Ocean and go on a cruise around the impressive Fort Boyard !

Discover the Fort Boyard offshore Aix Island

You've always wanted to see the Fort Boyard in real life ? Well that is possible ! Go on an excursions around the emblematic fort of Rochefort Ocean ! From Rochefort, Fouras-les-Bains or Port-des-Barques, embark on a cruising boat and discover the story of this fort.

Approach this giant of the seas that measures 68 m long, 31 m wide and is up to 20 m high!

For more information, go to one of our Tourist offices and we will gladly help you book your cruise.

Go on an excursion around the Fort Boyard and choose your cruise !

Alone, with friends, with your family, choose your boat cruise to go around the Fort Boyard: by motorboat, sailboat, catamaran, stand up paddle, kayak... Experience a unique experience and discover the history of this immense stronghold !

Your tour will start from Fouras-les-Bains, Port-des-Barques or Rochefort.

You can even stop on the Aix Island for a day or a half day or simply cruise around the Fort Boyard with a commented cruise.

For the lovebirds, let yourself be tempted by a cruise around the fort during the sunset, on a catamaran or a sailboat.

Our advice for a cruise to the Fort Boyard

Do not forget to book your cruise in advance at the Tourist Office of Rochefort Ocean ! This way, you will know the departure and arrival times and you will be able to organize your day around the schedules of the cruises ...

Rochefort Ocean and its inhabitants live to the rhythm of the tides. The departure times also comply with this restraint that you will also have to respect, so please, be punctual !