Discovery tour of Rochefort city center

in Rochefort
4.9 km
1h 30min
  • Discover the heritage of the city center of Rochefort.

  • This tour allows to discover the heritage of Rochefort: Arsenal, mansions, Place Colbert ...
  • Difference in height
    40.06 m
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Points of interest
1 Tourist Office - Watchtower
Starting point: Rochefort Océan Tourist Office.
Nearby: the watchtower. This watchtower is a remnant of the ramparts built from 1675. They surrounded the city and demolished in 1925.
rochefort-ocean-rochefort-office-tourisme-bit © Julie Paulet - OT Rochefort Ocean (4).JPG
2 Monument to Pierre Loti
Erected in 1950 to the glory of the most famous inhabitant of Rochefort, the sculptor Vinet represented Pierre Loti life-size on a ship's bow. On both sides, two of his most famous novels are represented in low relief. They are "Pêcheurs d'Islande" and "Madame Chrysantème".
3 Hôtel Hazard
This 19th century mansion was named after the personal physician of the last emperor of China.
5 Les Halles
In 1672, intendant Colbert de Terron ordered the construction of a wooden hall to supply the population. The location is the same as the current building. When lightning fires the building in 1970, it is already in poor condition, an opportunity for a complete restoration and the creation of a convention center on the 1st floor.
6 Sun gate or arsenal door
Built in 1831 by engineer Antoine Mathieu, the door that evokes a triumphal arch is decorated with sculptures by Auguste Giral. Also called sun gate because East-West, at the equinoxes the sun rises and sets in its axis.
7 Musée National de la Marine
8 Hermione
10 The naval Dockyard
The double Louis XV form and the Napoleon III form was indispensable for refitting, ie repairing the hulls of the ships. In the form of Louis XV, the hull of the Hermione was rebuilt and in the upstream form there is an Accro-mast. In the form of Napoleon III, the Hermione was armed and the water basin served as the home port for the famous three masts.
11 Jardin des Retours
rochefort-ocean-parcours-patrimoine0015.jpg rochefort-ocean-parcours-patrimoine0017.jpg
13 Quai aux Vivres
The food store due to François Le Vau allowed to produce and store the food for 10000 men who went to the sea. The vaulted cellars of the ground floor could accommodate up to 5000 barrels. Today the site is transformed into residences.
14 The walls - commemorative plaque of deported priests
This plaque evokes the tragic episode of the refractory priests who were deported on the pontoons of Rochefort and who died in hundreds on these floating prisons in 1794. Each year, in August, a pilgrimage takes place on the island Madame.
15 Thermal spa
The virtues of the thermal water that springs at 42 ° C attract each year more than 17000 curists. They come to treatment in rheumatology, phlebology and dermatology.
16 the old water tower
Commissioned in 1876, this water tower of a very rare type, allowed to store 2000 m3 of water in its upper part.
17 The former Navy hospital
Built on the plans of engineer Pierre Toufaire from 1783 to 1788, this suburban hospital was a model of its kind! Able to accommodate 1200 sick and wounded all had been thought for the well-being of patients. Closed in 1984 and sold at auction to a private owner, only one can visit the pavilion of the former naval medical school converted into a museum.
18 the post office
Built in 1911 by the architect Léon Lavoine, it presents an academic architecture.
19 Saint Louis church
Built between 1835 and 1838, this downtown parish evokes an ancient temple with neo-classical architecture.
20 Place Colbert and the town Hall
This central square in the orthogonal mesh of the streets of Rochefort has always been the meeting place of the Rochefortais. Since the shooting of the movie "Les Demoiselles de Rochefort" in the summer of 1966, she is nicknamed the place Des Demoiselles! The Town Hall is an old urban residence of the Amblimont family with a facade decorated in Louis XVI style.
21 Hôtel Mc Nemara
Large 18th century mansion with a noble 2-storey façade and wrought iron balconies.
22 Théâtre de la Coupe d'Or
Built in 1766 by the Italian architect Berinzago in the style of Italian theaters, the room was enlarged in the 19th century in the same spirit. Recently renovated, La Coupe D'Or offers an attractive cultural season.
23 Old Chamber of Commerce
Built in 1854, the building hosts the Chamber of Commerce from 1910 to 1981. In the middle of the central body, the bay has been decorated with a predominantly vegetal decoration, in a late eighteenth century style.
In the Jean Jaurès street, we discover various mansions built in the middle of the 19th century.
24 Vegetable garden of the King
In recent years, this garden revives as educational garden. The children of the primary classes of Rochefort there make plantations with the gardeners of the city.
25 Hôtel de la Marine
Originally named King's House this house between courtyard and garden was built on the site of the castle. It served first of residence to the intendant of the navy, then to the maritime prefects responsible for the arsenal until its closure in 1927. Occupied by the navy until 2002, it now hosts the command of gendarmerie schools .
26 End of the tour - Place Colbert
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40 meters of difference in height
  • Start altitude : 9 m
  • End altitude : 9 m
  • Maximum altitude : 15 m
  • Minimum altitude : 2 m
  • Total positive elevation : 40 m
  • Total negative elevation : -40 m
  • Max positive elevation : 6 m
  • Min positive elevation : -3 m