The many landscapes of Aix Island

Stroll around the many landscapes of this safe haven for nature, classified Outstanding natural site.

An island within reach for everyone

The island is yours : discover it on foot, by bicycle or even on a horse-drawn carriage ! Around here, Aix Island is known to be a place where there are no cars and where you can get around almost anywhere by bike. The island is very small - only 130 acres!

Take the ferry from Fouras and set foot on Aix Island and start your discovery of the many landscapes of the island. Go around the fortified village, with its military looks softened by its colorful streets guarded by hollyhocks, and frequented by many happy visitors.

Aix Island is full of unique little treasures !

A garden of landscapes

When you leave the village, opposite the pier, cross the 2nd drawbridge, leave the rampart and the moat behind you, and enter another world : a universe where nature and culture are intertwined, a space with multiple landscapes. 

At your own pace, walk along the coast and you will be amazed by the vast foreshore, the rocky plateau, an immense mudflat, vineyards, beaches, cliffs, salt meadows, small coves and turquoise waters, a natural forest rich in ash trees, maritime pines, holm oaks... an island that keeps you daydreaming and keeps you on your toes. 

A safe haven for nature

Other than beautiful landscapes and sights, you’ll find that Aix Island is also a paradise for nature.

All year round, the island is populated with a healthy and lively nature. In winter, observe the black geese that spend the winter here. All year round, watch the show of avocets, curlews, and egrets in search of worms and shells on the mud of the beaches.

To protect this nature, we ask you to stay on the marked paths and to not step on the plants. These little actions from you will help us keep Aix Island the safe and beautiful haven it is today.