Jardin des Retours

Park and garden ,  Botanical gardens at Rochefort

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  • The Jardin des Retours is a beautiful garden in the grounds of the Corderie Royale. Created as an introduction to botanical art, this unique garden provides a lovely, exotic setting in which you'll have a nice walk along the Charente river, play, or just daydream.

    The "Jardin des Retours" revolves around three themes:
    * The Garden of the Americas
    * The Garden of La Galissonnière
    * The Garden of the Navy

    They put in light the glorious maritime past of Rochefort.

    • The Garden of the Americas : In this linear garden, singular places are punctuated. The labyrinth of naval battles transforms the sea into a "plant swell". In the "Rigging area", you'll find the masts proudly going up in the aire.

    • The Garden of La Galissonnière : at the back of the Corderie Royale, a garden made up of exotic plants, tulip trees of Virginia, chamaerops, magnolias whose first seeds were brought back in Rochefort by Jean de la Galissonnière from his trip to the Americas in 1711.

    • The Garden of the Navy : the closest to the city, designed at the end of the 17th century, designed with geometric lines and symmetrical flowerbeds, opens onto the Charente above the Corderie Royale. The Garden of Returns, a contemporary creation, resolutely modern, reconnects with the European tradition of theme gardens and is one of the "Major Cultural Projects in France".
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    • Riverside
    • In the town centre
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  • All year 2021
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