A mobile reception office

The Tourist Office comes to you in Rochefort and Fouras-les-Bains with Ludovic

A tourist office loser to you

Today, only 3 people out of 10 organize their trip, buy their tickets beforehand for museums or boat trips. Nowadays, tourism is changing and we adapt to you and your habits by reinventing our ways to get to you. 

We meet you, visitors, on the various points of attraction of the destination Rochefort Ocean, with a mobile reception system.

For a couple of years now, a scooter and its "Capt'ain Trotter" travels around the streets of Rochefort and Fouras-les-Bains from April to September, on sites that record a large number of visitors: such as the Naval Dockyard, the thermal baths, the seaside in Fouras-les-Bains... 

This system marks the will of the Tourist Office to be always closer to visitors by going to meet them.

Our "Capt'ain Trotteur",Ludovic, the only master on board, will be at your disposal to advise you and guide you during your stay and invites you in July and August to take part in the "Défis du Capt'ain Trotteur". Many prizes are offered by the tourist providers partners of the Tourist Office!


The challenges of Capt'ain Trotteur !

7 weeks, 7 challenges, 7 partnerships ! 

  • July 12th: Hermione/Accro-Mâts (11h00 à 12h00)
  • July 19th: Casino of Fouras (11h00 à 12h30)
  • July 27th: Corderie Royale (11h00 à 12h30)
  • 2nd August : Ferry boat Fouras/Aix – SFA (11h30 à 12h30)
  • 10th August: Medieval castle of St Jean d'Angle (15h à 17h)
  • 16th August: Rivéo / Transporter Bridge – Rochefort/Échillais (11h à 12h)
  • 22nd August: Museum "Commerces d'Autrefois" (all day)


As a reminder, it is not possible to buy a ticket or make a reservation via the scooter.