Timetable to Island Madame

The wildest and smallest island in Rochefort Ocean

The wildest and smallest island in Rochefort Océan : a fragile environment to preserve

Ile Madame is reachable at low tide all year round from Port-des-Barques. 

You will have to walk on the "Passe-aux-Boeufs", a one kilometre naturel gravel path that is uncovered at low tide. You can go on the path with your car but we do encourage you to go on foot, by bike to use the horse drawn carriage that departs at the start of the path. From the sky, the island is a little confetti located on the left side of the estuary of the Charente river, right between île d'Oléron and île de Ré. 

By the way, on île Madame, you'll enjoy a 360° view on all the islands of Charente-Maritime. 


Some facts about île Madame : 

• Location : Pertuis d'Antioche - Atlantic Ocean

• 360° view on Fort Boyard, Ile d'Aix, Ile d'Oléron, Fouras-les-Bains, the estuary of the Charente river and Port-des-Barques.

• There are no inhabitants on the island !

• Surface : 0.78km2

• Activities : long walks, bike rides, foot fishing, bird spotting...

• Singularities :  the Fort of the island, the well of the Insurgents, the "carrelets" fishing pontoons and the Aquaculture Farm.