Fishing on foot in Rochefort Ocean

On the foreshore, go fishing on foot and discover the oyster parks and the know-how of the gardeners of the sea !

Fishing on foot on the islands and the peninsulas

At low tide, the sea withdraws a few hundred meters back, revealing a flat and rocky area ; the foreshore.

Put on your rubber boots, take a bucket and experience a fishing trip with the children. Your toddlers will love to pick up cockles, clams, oysters, sea snails, crabs, shrimps...

Here's a few tips for fishing on foot and walking in this fragile environment :

- You're allowed to fish on foot at the at the Pointe de la Fumée in Fouras-les-Bains, at the Plage Jamblet on Aix Island, at the “Palles”, at the “Toureau” and at the “Orchard” on Madame Island.

- Check the official decrees displayed for the fishing on foot period.

- You can fish up to 5 kg max. of shellfish per person per day.

- Remember to always replace the stones that you moved.

Do not forget to ask for your fishing ruler at the Tourist Office of Rochefort.

Discovery of the oyster parks in Fouras-les-Bains, Madame Island and Port-des-Barques

At the Pointe de la Fumée in Fouras-les-Bains, appreciate the work and all the know-how of the oyster farmers.

In Port-des-Barques, at the oyster farm of the Mathes, enter the oyster huts of the ecomuseum in the middle of the oyster farm and learn all about the oyster and its environment.

On Madame Island, hike to the aquaculture farm. Follow Jean-Pierre on his oyster farm water-fed during each tide and discover the breeding of the oyster but also clam and shrimp ...

Take the time to taste a plate of these oysters so finely iodized !