Museum of Naval Aviation

For a 100 years now, naval aviation has been in Rochefort : discover a place full of history and passion with unique life-size models.

1916: The creation of the aerostation center in Rochefort

We are in the middle of the World War One. Rochefort sees the construction of an aviation base with enormous sheds intended to house airships. These airships have the mission of watching the coast and to accompany the military convoys.

At the time, all the airships of the french army were assigned to Rochefort !

The aircraft hangars turned into a museum

They are called "Dodin" and "St Trojan" : these two huge aircraft hangars found another use after the war.

In the shed "Dodin", listen to aviation enthusiasts: pilots, mechanics, civilians or military staff...  They will share the story of the aviation base in Rochefort through a rich collection of about thirty aircrafts, and an impressive exhibition of models and a library of a thousand books...


In the "St Trojan" shed, see all their work of restoration and maintenance performed on the aircrafts...

On Tuesdays and Saturdays, and some Fridays, young and old, stroll through this vast collection and look for the Super Etendard - Zéphyr, the Crusader, the Super Frelon ... and the unique Jaguar M !   

Be curious, your questions are welcome!
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