3D visit of the House of Pierre Loti

Innovation at the Hèbre de St Clément Museum! Take part in the virtual visit of the famous writer's birthplace.

Rochefort's tribute to Pierre Loti 


The city of Rochefort innovates with a virtual tour in 3D of the House of Pierre Loti and a brand new exhibition of the private possessions of the writer at the Museum of Hèbre de St Clement.

The native house of the naval officer and writer, located at 141 Rue Pierre Loti, in downtown Rochefort, is closed since 2012 for major renovation works. An unmissable site, the Museum of Art and History of Rochefort dedicates a whole space to this great traveler!


Visit in 3D: as if we were there


Travel in space and time ... Comfortably seated, facing a 3-meter screen, put on your 3D glasses and stroll through the house accompanied by a guide. He comments every single important object, take you in every single room…

We strongly advise you to book in advance at 05 46 82 91 60

Universe Loti: "The dream journey"

Enter the life of Julien Viaud aka Pierre Loti. With "Loti, the dream journey", discover the secret gardens of young Julien, his "Petit musée", his drawings, his little theater of « Donkeyskin » (Peau d’âne) and discover the intimacy of his life.