Hèbre : Art and History Museum

Tour the world in 80 minutes, visit the House of Pierre Loti in 3D and discover the history of Rochefort and its Naval Dockyard !

Discover Art and History at the Hebre Museum

Enter the world of travel, the world of great scientific expeditions of the 17th and 18th centuries. Paintings, masks, jewels, maps, ethnological objects and statues brought back from the South and from China, are Rochefort's heritage of these excursions around the world.

The engineer Touboulic takes you in the streets of the new town with a 3D map of Rochefort, made in 1835 !

Virtual tour of Pierre Loti's house

Take part in the 3D virtual tour of the house of Pierre Loti, academician and naval officer, but not only... He was also a great traveler, a reporter, a designer, a photographer passionate about art and his native house in the town centre, closed since 2012 to do some work on it in order to save it. 

Enter in a space dedicated to Pierre Loti and discover "The small museum" and the secret garden of Julien Viaud, step into the intimacy of the writer. Discover his personnal possesions, his costumes, his testaments of his travels in the world.

The Center for Architectural and Heritage Interpretation

Discover on the ground floor of the museum the new Center for Architectural and Heritage Interpretation. This new feature of the museum shares with you the history of Rochefort.

Centrepiece to this interpretation center, is the 3D map made in 1835 by Pierre-Marie Touboulic. It will help you understand the changes and developments made to Rochefort from its creation in 1666 to nowadays.