Etablissement Thermal

Thermal spring therapy at Rochefort

  • ¤ proprieties of Rochefort thermal water:
    An rare source of warm, salty, iron-rich water well-known for its therapeutic properties. The estuary near Rochefort also provides another precious natural resource (clay) with a high concentration of algae and micro-organisms. When combined with the hot spring water, they form "peloids", a warm mud full of active elements.

    Rochefort's thermal water:
    Rochefort's water is rich in metals, minerals, and trace elements, making it extremely therapeutic. When it springs off, the water is 42°C hot.

    ¤ Medical indications:
    Particularly useful in treating medical problems in the fields of:
    1. Rheumatology:
    General treatments: penetrating showers and baths
    Specific treatments: warm mud, or peloids. Unique in France.
    2. Phlebology:
    General treatments: whirlpool, shower baths, cataplasms,
    Specific treatments: wading tanks, cold water compresses.
    3. Dermatology and oro-lingual affections:
    General treatments: whirlpool baths, water compresses, therapeutic spray treatments,
    4. AMB treatments: mouthwashes and gingival showers.

    Opening times: end of February to mid December,
    Hours: Monday to Saturday, 5.30 am. ? 1.30 pm. and until 7.00 pm. in season.
    ¤ Prescription: Hydrotherapy treatments must be prescribed by your French doctor.

    ¤ a Six-day short stay at the thermal baths
    You may book for a shorter stay: a 3-day, a 6-day stay instead of 3 weeks: these stopovers include thermal baths and activities, lodgings...
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  • From February 10, 2020 until December 12, 2020
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