Fort Lupin in Saint-Nazaire-sur-Charente

Left bank of the Charente

On the left bank of the Charente river, discover a masterpiece of Vauban's fortifications : the Fort Lupin.

Fort Lupin, protector of the Royal Fountain Lupin and of the naval dockyard

At the time, the ships of the Naval Dockyard of Rochefort, would leave the port by the Charente river to navigate towards the Atlantic Ocean. On the river, ships, even empty, would only take the wind from St Nazaire-sur-Charente, a few kilometers from the mouth of the Charente river. To counter this, the men would have to pull the ships linked to them by ropes on the river banks !

To get some clear drinking water, a stop was necessary at the “Fontaine Royale Lupin”, built in 1671, 3 km from the estuary of the Charente and in the harbor, the ships were armed. Protecting these ships was of course the mission of Fort Lupin, built in 1683. This fort, probably the best preserved today, completes the great project of Vauban for his "belt of fire".


Did you know ?
There are only 3 royal fountains in France : the one of Fort Lupin, one on Belle-île en mer and the last one in Brest.

Guided visits of the Fort Lupin in Saint-Nazaire-sur-Charente

Imagine a semi-circular battery, pierced with 22 slots, and 3 watchtowers. This ensemble with remarkable forms includes a dungeon, a powder magazine, a chapel, two barracks ...

Built on the edge of a marsh, this half-moon fort is surrounded by a ditch of water that protects it from the land.

Remember to book your visit at the Tourist Office of Rochefort Ocean, the fort is not open all year round, so do check with the Tourist Office or on the official website

Do not forget to take a short detour to the Royal Fountain of Lupin which is still well preserved !