The National Marine Museum in Rochefort

Discover the world of the naval dockyard and live your own maritime adventure !

The Raft of the Medusa at the National Marine Museum

Head to the Hotel de Cheusses, the former residence of the Commanders of the Navy of Rochefort, for a journey at the heart of the royal dockyard.

In the courtyard of the museum, take a seat on the replica of the raft of the frigate La Méduse. Learn everything about one of the most famous and disastrous stories of the French Navy: in 1816, “The Medusa” sails to Senegal and after 17 days, the frigate is wrecked off the coast of Mauritania . The Raft of the Medusa is built and 150 men are piled up on it.

Find these shipwrecked people at the Hèbre de Saint Clément  Museum, on a copy of Géricault's painting "The Raft of the Medusa", the original being exhibited at the Louvre.

Enter into the maritime history of Rochefort                                                                                                    

Audioguide in hand, browse the collections of the Marine Museum: models of instruction, models of warships, paintings, tools, weapons ... but also a model of the Fort Boyard, which will reveal to you all the secrets of the famous fort !

All the keys to the dockyard are right there, it's up to you to take them ! 

"D'ombres et d'écume" - a temporary exhibition in 2022

By Elsa Guillaume.
From 5 February 2022 (More information to come).


The National Marine Museum is part of the Arsenal des Mers ! You can buy a single ticket and have access to three sites : the National Marine Museum, the Periscope and the Corderie Royale.