We anwser your questions !

Here are listed the most requested questions : 

  • Where is the frigate Hermione right now ? Is it possible to navigate on the frigate ? 

The Hermione is currently in Bayonne for repair work (since 16 September 2021). 

  • Is the House of Pierre Loti still open ? 

The house is still under work.  You can discover a collection of object belonging to Pierre Loti at the Hèbre Museum and you can also follow the 3D visit of the house. 

  • Is there a way to benefit reduced rates ?

The Privilege Card allows you to benefit from reduced rates in many places in Rochefort Ocean. 

  • How can we visit Fort Boyard ?

Fort Boyard is not opened to visits, but you can go around it on a boat tour departing from Rochefort, Port des barques and Fouras-les-bains. 

  • Are there cruises on the Charente river ?

In Rochefort Ocean, cruises allow you to depart Rochefort, Fouras-les-Bains or Port des Barques, to go down the river and up to the Estuary of the Charente river and then up to Aix Island or Fort Boyard.  

  • Can we visit other forts than Fort Boyard ?

Many forts are opened to visits. Fort Lupin; Fort Vauban, Fort Enet, Fort Liédot... each one of them has a unique story ! 

  • What are the local specialities ?

The "jonchée" is a sort of yoghurt/cheese, "grillons" and  "gratons" are a sort of dry meat, Aziyadé and boyardises (candies), galette charentaise, le Pineau des charentes, seafood... You'll find thel all on the markets of Rochefort Ocean

  • What is the weather like here ?

Our territory benefits from an exceptional average sunshine rate, close to that of Perpignan. The winters are mild and the rainfall is moderate. In the warm weather, temperatures are softened by the sea breeze, which is sometimes accompanied by wind coming from the sea.

  • Where can I go on a walk near the sea with my dog ?

In Rochefort ocean, beaches are prohibited to animals. However, on the coast beyond the beaches, your pets can also enjoy the seaside and bathe. For example, in Fouras-les-Bains, on the north coast after the North beach or on the south coast, after the beach of Espérance on the way to Fort Vasou.

  • Where can we go foot fishing ? What king of shells ? How much per person ? Do we need a permit ? 

Click HERE to find all the informations you'll need to go foot fishing safely. 

  • How far away are we from La Rochelle, Ile de Ré, Oléron, Marais Poitevin or Puy du Fou ?

Our territory has a central location in the department. Rochefort is located 30 km from Ile d'Oléron, 35 km from La Rochelle or the Marais Poitevin, 40 km from Saintes or the Ile de Ré and 150 km from the Puy du Fou. Bordeaux is at 1h45 by car and Nantes at 2h.

  • Is there a train station in Rochefort ?

Rochefort is located on the Nantes - Saintes - Bordeaux line with possible stops at the TER stop of Saint-Laurent de la Prée and at Tonnay-Charente.

  • How many people live in Rochefort ?     About 25 000 inhabitants. 
  • Are there any cycling trails ?

Follow the marked trails of all our walking and hiking routes in town, along the seaside and the estuary, according to your preferences.

  • Where can I find public toilets ? where are the picnic areas ? 

Find all your practical information in our section "Services".

  • Where can I find an exchange office ?

The Post Office in Rochefort allows you to change currencies. Please note: exchange is only possible for the following currencies: Pound sterling, US dollar, Canadian dollar and Swiss franc.

  • How can I visit the area without a car ? 

All possible modes of travel on the territory are listed in our section "Getting around".

  • How can I go to the islands of the territory ?

The schedules of teh ferry for Aix Island are available on the homepage of our website. It is the same to access Madame Island but this time according to the tide.

  • Where were the old firehouses ? Where is the air base?

The Martrou Barracks today corresponds to the "Cercle Mixte", rue du Port in Rochefort, the Joinville Barracks was at the corner of the esplanade Soumet and Rue Bégon (opposite the house of the curist), Caserne Charente is currently the residence La Fayette Quai aux Vivres, the Kilmaine Barracks at the corner of Clémot, Pujos and Tréville streets, and finally Caserne Tréville street in Chanzy street, is currently the Palais de Justice. As early as 1916, the airbase of Rochefort housed a regiment of aerostation. It became the center of naval aviation (C.A.E.N.) which closed in 2002 (Rond-point Bignon). The teaching is gathered at the technical school of the air force on the site of Rochefort Saint-Agnant (BA721).