Suspension Bridge in Tonnay-Charente

Walk or enjoy a bike ride in Tonnay-Charente, on one of the oldest Suspension Bridge in Europe!

The construction of the Suspension Bridge

As early as 1841, the river port of Tonnay-Charente saw the construction of its Suspension bridge (623m long and 22m high), with the sole constraint of not disrupting the passage of the tall ships. Eleven months later, the bridge was inaugurated in the presence of its engineer, Louis Dor.

Over time, the deck of the bridge will experience many miseries until the intervention of Ferdinand Arnodin, who will add metallic frames to the deck of the bridge on the same model as those of the Transporter Bridge to strengthen it.

The turbulent history of the bridge

The Suspension Bridge in Tonnay-Charente has quite the unfortunate history...

After the collapse of its deck just a few years after its construction,  the traffic on it grew too fast for the too fragile bridge and the decision was made to prohibit any access on it.

Fortunately today, pedestrians and cyclists are allowed once again to cross the Charente river by means of the Suspended Bridge.

Walks on the Suspension Bridge of Tonnay-Charente

If there is one place that you must visit during your time in Rochefort Ocean, it is the Suspension Bridge. On foot or on bike, enjoy a unique panorama of the Charente river and the surrounding marshes of Tonnay-Charente and Saint-Hippolyte.

From up there you can see the extent of the river port of Tonnay-Charente and you can imagine all the boats that were once there, loaded with cognac, leaving for Europe and many more destinations.